"We are not in the cloud"

We are not cloud (web) based. Most of our peers are what you would call cloud based. This means that their application runs through the internet and can only be accessed through a web browser with a high speed internet connection.

Cloud based apps have the following problems -

  • You need an internet connection to run them.
  • Their graphical interface is often clunky.
  • Your data is stored in an unknown location of which you have no control.
  • Your data may be sold.
  • The company can disappear overnight, along with their cloud based app and all of your data.
  • You are locked in, either pay their fees or don't get access to their web app.

Jeyla Studio is different... it is installed and runs locally on your computer. You simply do not have these issues -

  • Jeyla Studio works offline!
  • Our graphical interface is intuitive, high quality and fast.
  • Your data is safely stored on your computer (with easy backup).
  • You, and only you, have access to your data (ie, it can't be sold).
  • Jeyla Studio is free, so you’re not held ransom to fees.
  • If we were to (hypothetically) disappear overnight, you could quite happily continue to run Jeyla Studio for as long as you liked.

"Our revenue model is different"

Our revenue model is quite different to most others.

  • We don’t charge a monthly fee for access to our application.
  • We don’t take a percentage of your sales (this by the way, is an incredibly expensive way to pay for software).
  • We don’t start charging after a trial period ends.

Instead, we take a leaf from the open source community where the base application is offered free (genuinely free) and any revenue is generated only from extra add-ons. Those who find the extra add-ons of value, can purchase them. Those who don’t, don’t have to. We are happy for you to use our software either way.

"At the end of the day..."

At the end of the day, we don't want to just be another cost for your business (goodness knows, you already have enough of them). Rather, we want our software to actually help you run your business. We also want to be a part of your success... but ultimately... only a small part 😉.

So, there you go. This is what separates us from most others. We hope it has given you some things to consider and good luck with your software search!