Jeyla Studio Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains what personal data Jeyla Studio collects, how we collect it, and for what purposes.

Jeyla Studio collects data from you, through our interactions with you and through our products. You provide some of this data directly, and we get some of it by collecting data about your interactions, use, and experiences with our products. The data we collect depends on the context of your interaction with Jeyla Studio and the choices you make.

In order to make this statement as clear and accurate as possible, we list the different interactions you may have with Jeyla Studio, and what information is collected with each interaction.

Personal Information is defined as any information that can identify an individual.

Jeyla Studio Software

Our application is what most users will interact with on a daily basis. Our application does not collect and transmit any personal information. This means that we are not able to identify any user (individual, business etc) of our software. Our software does collect and transmit the following non-identifiable information -

  • The version of software running.
  • The operating system the software is running on.
  • The IP address the computer is connected to.

This information is used for statistical and analytical purposes so that we can provide a better product to our users. This information is only transmitted once at application start up and only if an active internet connection exists. The IP address may allow us to identify a geographical region for our users, but this geographical region is no more accurate than of a city.

Jeyla Studio Web Site

Cookies are small text files placed on your device to store data that can be recalled by a web server in the domain that placed the cookie. When you visit our web site, we use cookies to enable you to navigate and choose what information is presented to you on our web site. The information stored in our cookies is non-identifiable information.

We do not collect any personal information from general interactions with our web site.

Jeyla Studio Account

Should you choose to create an account with Jeyla Studio, we collect and store the following personal information -

  • Email address (required).
  • Password (required).
  • Business name (optional).

This information is required in order for Jeyla Studio to identify you and offer services to you (including subscriptions). No other information is collected in relation to your Jeyla Studio account. The password is stored in accordance with industry best practices.

Jeyla Studio Subscription

Should you choose to purchase a subscription for a service offered by Jeyla Studio, we will collect and store the following information in relation to that purchase -

  • Identifier of subscription/service purchased.
  • Month of subscription/service purchased.

This information is linked to your Jeyla Studio account and is used to authorize access to a particular Jeyla Studio service. No other information is collected in relation to the purchase of a subscription. Note, that we do not store credit card information used to make a purchase.

See below for further details on specific subscriptions.

Subscription - Appointment Reminders

Should you choose to purchase an appointment reminder subscription, for each appointment reminder submitted, the following personal information is transmitted to us -

  • Salon/business name.
  • Salon/business phone number.
  • Salon/business email address.
  • Appointment staff first name.
  • Appointment client first name.
  • Appointment client email address.
  • Appointment date and time.

This information is required in order to provide the appointment reminder service. Jeyla Studio will not disclose this information to any other party except where required to send an appointment reminder. This information is only used for the purpose of sending appointment reminders.

Thank you for reviewing this statement.

Jeyla Studio does not sell information to any other party. We only collect the minimum amount of information required to provide our product and services to our users. We strongly believe in your right to privacy. Any information we do collect, is processed and stored in a secure environment.

Our IT infrastructure is physically located in Sydney, Australia. Any data we collect is subject to Australian Privacy Laws.