We generally release a new version of Jeyla Studio every 6 months or so. You are highly encouraged to update Jeyla Studio whenever possible. New versions generally include performance improvements, bug fixes and new features.

How do I upgrade Jeyla Studio?

Upgrading with Jeyla Studio is easy. There are two ways you can update your version of Jeyla Studio to the latest version. Both options require you to be connected to the internet. Choose the option that best suits you.

One click upgrade

Within Jeyla Studio, head to the 'Updates' screen ('System Settings & Utilities' -> 'About' -> 'Updates'). From here, all you have to do is click the 'Check Now' button and Jeyla Studio will check to see if a newer version is available. If a newer version is available, Jeyla Studio will ask if you would like the new version downloaded and installed. Upon choosing to do so, the new version will be downloaded and installed. Any updates contained in the new version will take effect once you restart Jeyla Studio. If a newer version is not available, Jeyla Studio will advise that your software is up to date.

Download from our web site

In your web browser, go to the Download page on our website and download Jeyla Studio. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install the application as you would normally do. The new version will be installed over the top of the current version. Don't worry, all your existing data will still exist when you run the new version of Jeyla Studio.