Backing up your data

Backing up allows you to save all of your system's data to file. Your data is vitally important to your business and as such, you should take steps to protect against data loss. Backing up does just that, it ensures you always have another copy of your data to resort to if needed. Backing up your data is quick and easy with Jeyla Studio, simply press the 'Create Backup' button from within the System Settings and Utilities screen. Your system's data will be backed up to a single file of your choice. You can choose the name and location of this file or accept the defaults. It's best to save your backup to a portable device (or cloud storage if you have internet access) and not to your computer. This way, if something happens to your computer... you will still have your data. Jeyla Studio recommends that you back up your data at the end of each day.

Restoring your data

Restoring gives you the ability to revert your system to a previously saved state. Performing a restore will replace your system's data with data from a saved file (a backup). Being able to restore gives you the ability to quickly recover from a data loss event. It also allows you to easily move your data from one computer to another. When performing a restore, you will be asked to select a backup file. This is a file that you previously created from the Backup screen and contains the data you want to restore. Performing a restore will overwrite your existing data, so Jeyla Studio recommends that you perform a backup of your existing data before performing a restore (just to be safe).