'No shows' are not just annoying.. they cost you money. Busy salons know that appointment reminders pay for themselves.

Jeyla Studio makes this super easy. With the click of a button, you can send appointment reminder emails to all your clients for appointments on any day. The timing of your reminders is completely up to you, 1, 2, 3 or any number of days before the day of the appointment. You can repeat this as many times as you like. Jeyla Studio will keep track of which appointments have had a reminder sent and will not send multiple reminders to your clients (clients do not like being nagged).

You may have utilized text messages in the past for this purpose. Today, almost everyone has access to their email right from their phone. So, email is a convenient and cost-effective option. The content of the email includes your client's name, their appointment day and time, the appointment staff member's first name, your salon name and your salon contact details. The email will look like it comes from your salon and the reply-to address will be set to your salon's email address (if you have one). These reminders look professional and are so easy!

Jeyla Studio's appointment reminders are an optional extra that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis (maximum of 12 month subscription at any time). There are no contracts and you can stop at any time.

Would you like to see more? Look out for the 'test this feature' link in the Jeyla Studio appointment reminders screen. This link will allow you to send a test appointment reminder without a subscription.

Please note, in order to utilize this service, your computer must have access to an internet connection.

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